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Incoming Mail from Audrey Smith & Others

I know it’s Tuesday, and mail art posts are usually for Thursdays, but I have so many new ones, I had better get started early. I am falling a little behind with all these new swaps. Unfortunately, I am recently taken a break from swaps, new pen pals, and have resorted just to postcard sending/postcrossing. I am incredibly busy working on new products on the new website, working on organizing and Spring cleaning, and am currently apartment hunting! If you are interested in swapping mail or art, don’t be afraid to hit me up. The hiatus is going to be a short one, and I promise to send first come, first served basis. Send me an email! 

Okay, for now I am going to post these lovely pictures of incoming mail from the end of January. Audrey sent me some lovely ATCs and stickers, like always and I have plastered my notebooks and smashbooks with them. All of those envelopes have been replied too, thank goodness. If you want to see all the places I have sent mail to, check out the BJR Mail Map that I made last month. Published it on the new website last night, and I will be adding to it! 

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