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Happy New Year!

I have finished my "experimental" sketchbook #2, (see the cover here) and have never been prouder of myself. These sketchbooks have just been filling themselves up, and I feel like an art machine. I am most creative, and productive when I am going through something intense, interesting, and even intimidating. December was one of the most ridiculous months I have ever survived, and I am so glad I have this book to show for it.

I had a hard time choosing what photos to include, but these were some of the most surprising and exciting. I tried to keep certain elements throughout, such as stripes, text, and dirty, scratchy lines. As the last sketchbook of 2011, it is probably my favorite. Can you believe I completed 5 sketchbooks in the past year!? If you haven’t seen the videos I made, check them out!

art machine, art machine, art machine, art machine…

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