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My sketchbook, full of wonders and artful delights for the needy soul.

I have less than 10 pages left in this sketchbook. I can’t help but hold it in my hands. It has been a complete experiment and I have never been prouder. My sketchbooks have been hit or miss in the past but for the recent months to the last year, each one is full of promise. I have a need to do more than one at a time, just in case I lose interest. My last book, the Art & Development Red sketchbook had plenty of collages and text and stitching. I wanted the new one to be that and so much more. This one, dubbed “experiment experiment" is based on the idea of brainstorming and creating without restraint. Every page is thick with layers, rich in color, and unique in design. If you could only feel it, turn it over in your hands, smell the graphite smudges still settling in, hear the crackling tracing paper, and to follow the stitches from end to end with your fingers…

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