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I have a new sketchbook just for graphite and ink. I plan on filling this one with my creepers, monsters, and strange beings. It is a hard-cover, with collaged text on the front. I have had a lot of requests for photos of my old art journal pages so I am going to start a brand new book full of color, brainstorming, and experiments. I used some Darina Karpov prints I had for the cover and title pages. I have also started an altered book (an old, ugly green and brown Melville volume!) full of mixed media and collages. It’s been a while since I have done more than one book at a time, but this is the way the world should work. 

To me, books should be viewed as a whole. Sketch after sketch, page after page, a journal or a story bound together between two covers. I usually complete my pages in chronological order and try to keep a common theme. In the end, the completed book feels like an artful journey, put together step by step. Now that I will be working in mulitple books, each one’s unique personality will be more dynamic and exciting. Each individual themed book will be able to stand alone. Instead of compiling all my words, thoughts, drawings, experiments, and random scraps and collages into one book, I will have multiple books to catergorize my expressions. I know, I am crazy, I say the same thing everyday. But it’s the end of the year and art is art and life is just life. What the hell! 

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